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corrections: Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 & supplement revised

Dec. × ’21

  Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 (pg151 – pg234)CORRECTED.pdf Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 coversCORRECTED.pdf Green Desperation Fuels Red Fascism (Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 supplement)CORRECTED.pdf Green Desperation Fuels Red Fascism (Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 supplement) IMPOSEDcorrected.pdf     Breaking: Thanks to the comrade who alerted us to a necessary intervention into the supplement text we released a […]

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Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 out now (including supplement), new audio feature online, plus more posters, translations & texts archived

Dec. × ’21

Here you’ll find the newest part of Return Fire vol.6; chapter 3. There’s also a separate version of the cover for reprinting here. Additionally, this release includes a supplement related to this volume’s theme: Green Desperation Fuels Red Fascism, submitted to us and now also hosted on the Danish-language site Konfront. (The latter much-needed intervention […]

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Return Fire vol.6 chap.2 out as PDF, chap.1 toner-friendly version, new website features & fixes

Mar. × ’21

We present the second chapter of our sixth volume of Return Fire, here. Following on from our revised layout for this volume, this chapter should be (slightly) more toner-friendly for those doing the usual autonomous print-runs (and we’ve re-posted chap.1 with the same alterations as requested). The contents follow, then more updates below. Return Fire […]

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Return Fire vol.6 chap.1 now out, & new PGP key

Oct. × ’20

Samhain, 2020 Here you can find the first chapter of Return Fire vol.6, our new format for releasing the zine with what we hope to be improved layout and readability. (See here for the intention for the staged release plan.) And here is a separate file for the covers (A3 size) for the usual comrades […]

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The Future of ‘Return Fire’

Nov. × ’19

Samhain, 2019 Welcome to our latest update of workings in the world of Return Fire, where we are still determined to bring you our thoughts and selections of theory, actions, reviews, poems, conversations, history, interviews, criticism, announcements and repression news – feeling our way towards anarchisms that indigenise. We will proceed in a fairly unorthodox […]

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