corrections: Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 & supplement revised

28thDec. × ’21


Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 (pg151 – pg234)CORRECTED.pdf
Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 coversCORRECTED.pdf

Green Desperation Fuels Red Fascism (Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 supplement)CORRECTED.pdf
Green Desperation Fuels Red Fascism (Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 supplement) IMPOSEDcorrected.pdf



Breaking: Thanks to the comrade who alerted us to a necessary intervention into the supplement text we released a few days ago with Return Fire vol.6 chap.3: Ruby Katherine Montoya, the saboteur mentioned in passing in the text, has since the time of its writing been exposed as co-operating with the FBI against her co-defendant, and possibly more. It was already clear that, while responsible for important action, this was not what we would consider a comrade; but this information felt important to include. Hence, we’ve updated the text (also on and are now reposting the corrected file here, including the imposed version.

Additionally, we did not notice that an error during the PDF compression process wiped the graphics out of various pages of Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 itself. This has now be amended, both in the reading version and optional separated covers for re-printing, with corrections to a couple of other errors we spotted too late. Apologies for our sloppiness.

More in the pipeline.

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