Return Fire vol.6 chap.3 out now (including supplement), new audio feature online, plus more posters, translations & texts archived

21stDec. × ’21

Here you’ll find the newest part of Return Fire vol.6; chapter 3. There’s also a separate version of the cover for reprinting here. Additionally, this release includes a supplement related to this volume’s theme: Green Desperation Fuels Red Fascism, submitted to us and now also hosted on the Danish-language site Konfront. (The latter much-needed intervention before the totalitarian urge which we imagine will only grow in the climate discourse is also hosted as an imposed PDF for ease of reproduction.) The contents of the main ‘zine are detailed below.

1 May 2021…

(renewing the appeal to insurrectional courage)

Why is Youth Liberation So Important in the Climate Movement?

& ‘They’ve Snatched Away Your Future’

How To: Fill Fire Extinguishers with Paint

Capitalism & Electrification

(technical reason, the ‘end of ideologies’ & the new authoritarian turn)

What is Insurgency?

(how it may seem we have surpassed activism but may in fact have not)


& ‘The In-Between Ones’

It Was Wartime”

(from comrades joining indigenous peoples in combat with the Mexican State, under the gun of police black ops)

Hong Kong: Its Relevance to the Rest of Us…

& Leaving the SPVM Behind to Attack a High-Tech Hub

When the Barbarians Invade the Periphery

& Several Nips Against the Domestication of Mountains

‘Project Cybersyn’

(review: Eden Medina’s ‘Cybernetic Revolutionaries’)

Poems for Love, Loss and War

Memory as a Weapon

(resurrecting struggles etched into the land)

Rebels Behind Bars

(text by prisoners & repression news)

‘The Decoupling Thesis’

& The Society of Masterless Men

and more!

Other updates:

1) Our website now includes an audio section, to access readings of texts that appeared in the pages of Return Fire.

2) We’ve added to the archive of texts you’ll find of material from the magazine in a simplified format for re-reading or printing via The Anarchist Library – the submitted material should be appearing from now onwards, so keep an eye open.

3) More designs have been hosted in our posters section.

4) Two new German translations are now with the others.

Spread, replicate, resist, exist.

R.F., Winter Solstice, 2021

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